Does your company do business throughout the Nordic area?
Are you looking for a regional solution which is simple, cost effective and coordinated for your employees who move between positions in the North? Would you like a single point of contact and a single billing entity?

ABSOLUTE NORDIC offers all this and more!
This Nordic network of established relocation service providers has more than 50 years of shared relocation business experience. Their team of highly trained and experienced experts, offer service through offices in each of the four Nordic countries.
  Our Strengths:
Each partner has developed a strong brand in their own country, working with large leading multinationals as well as national corporations. They know exactly what is needed in each location and know their own culture better than anyone.
Busy HR personnel can choose a single office to contact but know their complete needs will be taken care of by people who know best about the country of destination. Billing can be sent via their chosen contact even if it involves all four countries.

Click on the country you are most interested in or use the telephone numbers listed below the company names or email us at info@absolutenordicrelocation.com

Denmark   Norway   Sweden

Aspire Mobility Group
+45 70 221 226


r2n - Relocate to Norway
+47 41479293

  Nordic Relocation Group
+46 8 545 895 40